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Petr Kužel kuzelp
Filip Kadlec kadlecf Tunable and switchable devices, ultrafast spectroscopy, THz near-field microscopy, new THz applications
Christelle Kadlec kadlecch Tunable ferroelectrics, metamaterials, new experimental environment
Hynek Němec nemec Metamaterials, photonic structures, phenomena on ultrafast time scale (mechanisms of photoconductivity, charge transport, localization of charges)
Vaisakh Chelod Paingad vaisakh THz nanoscopy
PhD students
Vladimir Pushkarev pushkarev Time-resolved THz spectroscopy in nanostructured semiconductors
Jiří Kuchařík kucharik Time-resolved THz spectroscopy in nanostructured semiconductors
Undergraduate students
Former members Present affiliation
Volodymyr Skoromets
Vít Zajac University of Pardubice
Filip Dominec Department of Semiconductors
Zoltán Mics R & D Specialist at MEDICEM Institute
Milan Berta ELI Beamlines Project Division
Ladislav Fekete Department of Analysis of Functional Materials
Oleksiy Pashkin Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf